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Keynote Speakers


Biological Sciences

"Current Status of Korean R&D: Unpleasant Facts"
Prof. KIM, Yoonsoo
Chonnam National University, Korea
Professor Yoon Soo Kim was the President of Chonnam National University in 2008 - 2012 and the R&D Program Director of Korea Science and Engineering Foundation in 2001 - 2003. He has had several international leading positions including International Advisory Board of Journal of Wood Science (2010 – 2012), Coordinator of RG 5.03 International Union of Forest Res Org (2006– 2010), Editorial board member of International Assoc of Wood Anatomists (1997 - 2011) and Fellow of International Academy of Wood Science (1998 – ). In Korea, he served as a member of Scientific Advisory Board for Institute for Basic Science, Advisory Committee of National Council of Science and Technology, National Council of Science and Technology, board member of Korea Inst Sci and Technol Evaluation and Planning. He was also the Chairman of National Universities’ Presidents Association, President of Korean Society of Wood Science and Engineering and a fellow of Korean Academy of Science and Technology. He received his doctorate in Natural Science from Bodenkultur Universitat in Vienna, Austria in 1983.
"Developing Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: Examples from the Pharmaceutical Industry"
Dr. O NEILL, Michael
Eli Lilly
Michael J. O'Neill is a Senior Research Advisor and Head for Eli Lilly & Co. Ltd. at their Neuroscience research facility in Surrey, U.K. where he has worked for over 18 years. O'Neill has worked with multiple teams to develop novel symptomatic and disease-modifying interventions for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Parkinson's disease (PD). He has acted as the scientific team leader for multiple internal and external projects over the past 10 years. He currently directs a team of 26 scientists working on Neurodegenerative Disease research at Lilly UK.
"The Ageing Brain: Challenges and Opportunities"
Prof. RAWLINS, Nick
University of Oxford
Professor Nick Rawlins was appointed as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Development and External Affairs in October 2010. Professor Rawlins completed both his BA and DPhil at Oxford. His research spans areas including the neural basis of memory, brain degeneration, pain and anxiety, and has published widely in these fields. He was elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2006 and Fellow of the British Psychological Society in 2010. Professor Rawlins was Associate Head of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division from 2008 until taking up his present post. He was a Junior Research Fellow at University College and then a Senior Research Fellow there before taking up a tutorial Fellowship which he held for more than 20 years, as University Lecturer and Sir Jules Thorne Tutorial Fellow. He moved to Wolfson College as a Professorial Fellow in 2007.
"Biomedical dementia research: the Alzheimer’s Research UK perspective"
Dr. RIDLEY, Simon
Alzheimer’s Research UK
Dr Simon Ridley is Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, a charity with a £20m grants programme. He frequently represents Alzheimer’s Research UK in the wider research funding and public policy environment and is a regular media spokesman on dementia research. Prior to this role, Simon spent almost 10 years in academic biomedical research in addition to four years in the biopharmaceutical sector.
"Innovative medicine and science of Chonnam National University Hospital."
Prof. SONG, Eun-kyoo
Chonnam National University Hospital, Korea
Professor Eun Kyoo Song has received his M.D., M.S. and Ph.D. from Chonnam University (1978 - 1989), Korea. He received further clinical trainings from Chonnam University Hospital as an Orthopedic surgeon (1978 - 1983) and Hospital for Joint Diseases Orthopedic Institute, NY, U.S.A. in Sports Medicine (1989 - 1990). In 1986, he started his academic career in Chonnam University Medical School and was appointed as Professor of Orthopedic Surgery in 1996. He has served as Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery dept. (2003 -2004), Director & Chairman of the Center for Joint Disease (2004 - 2009), President of Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery- Asia (2007 - 2008), Promotion team leader for Establishing Joint Center Hospital (2009 - 2010), General Director/CEO of Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital (2010 -2011) and President of Korean Arthroscopy Association (2010 -2011). He was also President of the Korean Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (2011 - 2012), Korean Knee Society (2012 - 2013) and CAOS-International Society (2011 - 2012). Currently, he is General Director/CEO of Chonnam National University Hospital and National delegate of Asia Pacific Knee Society.
"Food Science and Industry in New Economy Era and Role of KFRI"
Dr. YOON, Sukhoo
Korea Food Research Institute
Dr. Suk Hoo Yoon is the President of Korea Food Research Institute, and is a former President of Korean Society of Food Science and Technology (2012). As a Fellow of International Society of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, he has been working on lipid chemistry and biotechnology for 35 years with over 200 publications, 25 book chapters and 160 abstracts. He received his Ph.D. from KAIST in 1983 after the graduation at Seoul National University in 1977. He was appointed as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA (1984-1985), and was also invited as a visiting professor in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, CA, USA (1997-1999). He is a Chair of Biotechnology Division of American Oil Chemists’ Society (2013), and is concurrently a Chair of Asian Section. He is also involved in the activities of Institute of Food technologists, and is a Korean Delegate to International Union of Food Science and Technology, and International Society of Fat Research. He is an Editor of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (Elsevier). He is a recipient of the Order of Science and Technology Merit, Republic of Korea (2012). He, a former player, is an American-football commentator in nationwide television network in Korea.

Energy & Environment

"Low carbon energy systems for sustainable buildings and cities"
Prof. J A, Clarke
University of Strathclyde, UK
Joe Clarke is the Director of the Energy Systems Research Unit (ESRU) and BRE Centre of Excellence in Energy Utilisation at the University of Strathclyde. His research is focused on the role that energy systems simulation can play in helping to reduce energy demand, accelerate the take-up of renewable energy technologies, mitigate environmental impacts and improve human well-being. A major element of his research involves the development and dissemination of software tools for energy systems simulation, and the application of these in design, research and policy contexts. He is the progenitor of the ESP-r building simulation software, which is now used in research and design contexts worldwide; his book ‘Energy Simulation in Building Design’ is in its second edition. He is a founder member and past President of the International Building Performance Simulation Association, and recipient of distinguished service awards from the Royal Society (for ‘The development of the EC reference energy model and its dissemination through an innovative energy design advisory service’), the World Renewable Energy Network (for ‘Contributions to the promotion of renewable energy’), and the International Building Performance Simulation Association (for ‘substantial contributions to the field’). He is Associate Editor for J. Building and Environment and Editorial Board Member for several Journals including J. Buildings Performance Simulation.
"UK Energy Policy: from liberalisation to post-liberalisation?"
Mr. KEAY, Malcolm
The Oxford Institute for energy studies, UK
Malcolm Keay (http://www.oxfordenergy.org/author/malcolm-keay/) joined the Institute in January 2005. His career has ranged widely across the energy scene, including the public sector (he was Director of Energy Policy at the UK DTI in 1996 to 1999 and before that was a Division Head at the International Energy Agency), the private sector (as Senior Managing Consultant at Oxera) and the non-profit sector (at Chatham House and the World Coal Institute). He has acted as an adviser on many energy studies, including as Special Adviser to the House of Lords Committee Inquiry into Energy Security in Europe and Director of the Energy and Climate Change Study for the World Energy Council. His research focuses on the implications of electricity market liberalisation for the achievement of key energy policy objectives in particular the environment.
"Driving global growth in LNG"
After Heriot-Watt University & MBA, Olga promptly moved into energy world where she discovered a strong passion for LNG from the first acquaintance. She moved to LNG Shipping Solutions of Clarkson PLC from Lloyd’s MIU where she focused on shipping analytics of world merchant fleet and was dedicated to commercial business development. In LNG SS Olga supported existing clients with global shipping market analysis and was responsible for short-term chartering. Always focused on identifying new client base and finding new solutions on how to serve them best. From August 2009 Olga led the team towards developing new businesses and bringing clients unrivalled shipping market coverage as well as providing chartering support when needed. She is often at the front end to represent company at key LNG events. In June 2010 she joined Platou LNG as a senior commercial advisor and during that period has established a strong rapport with several key players in the industry conducting number of term transactions with support of team who moved across as well. From February 2012 Olga returned with the part of the team back to Clarksons LNG to continue leading global business development and commercial advisory for major players in the market.
"The National R&D Promotion Strategies in Korea for Achievement of Environmental Welfare State"
Dr. JUNG, Dong il
Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI), Korea
Mr. Dong Il Jung is Executive Director of Environmental Technology Department in Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute or KEITI. For more than 25 years, he had served in the National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) as a researcher and civil servant. He was a director of the Department of Water Environment Research and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), etc. He has a Ph. D. holder in Environmental Engineering from Korea University and Engineer Certificates of Air Quality Environment, Water Quality Environment, and Noise & Vibration. He is also President of Korean Society on Water Environment.
"Current Developments in the Certification of Wind Turbines and Wind Farms"
Mr. GILKES, Steve
Lloyd's Register, UK
I joined British Aerospace from School as an undergraduate apprentice and worked through various flight testing and aerodynamics roles culminating in Senior Engineer for performance estimation for the HOTOL aerospaceplane project, with a period in Japan on their project. I switched careers to wind energy, joining the WEG after an MSc in alternative energy. I developed blade aerodynamics and load calculation methods before any standards had been written, also developing noise reduction technology and overseeing measurement projects. The move to Garrad Hassan began with the development of a fully commercial load calculation service, as well as coding software (BLADED) and doing the calculations. This was mixed with type approval support consultancy and some accident and failure investigation. This grew in to an involvement in mechanical engineering, creating a department of 25 engineers and the development of a full turbine design capability with involvement in 15 turbine designs from 1 to 7 MW. The move to LR has brought new opportunities with extensive involvement in offshore structural assessments and development of new services relating to technology development and type approval.
"Introduction to Education and Research in Offshore Renewable Energy in the UK"
Prof. INCECIK, Atilla
University of Strathclyde, UK
Prof. Atilla Incecik is Professor of Offshore Engineering and Head of Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Prior to his appointment at Strathclyde University Professor Incecik was Lloyd’s Register Chair of Offshore Engineering and Founding Head of School of Marine Science and Technology at Newcastle University. Professor Incecik has been responsible for the development of design and analysis tools and model testing of marine and offshore engineering systems during his research activities both in industry and academia. His current research includes development of dynamic load and response prediction tools for the design and installation of floating offshore platforms and marine renewable energy devices; investigation of sources and interaction of potential and viscous origin forces to determine low frequency motions of moored offshore vessels; investigation of low cycle fatigue loading on floating production, storage and offloading systems and low carbon shipping. Professor Incecik is the Research Manager of Industrial Doctoral Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE) He is a member of committees of a number of international professional bodies. Professor Incecik is Editor-in-Chief of Ocean Engineering.
"Solar PV- Opportunities & Challenges from a Global Prospective"
British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA)
Reza Shaybani has been managing private and public technology focused companies in the optimcal disc manufacturing equipment and semiconductor industries for the past 20 years. For the past 5 years Reza has played an active role in the solar PV industry globally as founder and investor in a number of leading companies including, Scheuten Solar, Solar Technology Centre, Solarjobs.com, System Photonics, The Electric Roof Company and OTB Energy. In 2010, Reza and a group of major companies in solar PV industry (the founding members) with interest in the UK solar PV market formed the British Photovoltaic Association, the national trade association of the UK solar PV industry. As the voice of the industry, the BPVA is working hard to make solar PV a mainstream and significant energy source by expanding markets, removing market barriers, strengthening the industry and educating the public on the benefits of solar energy. Reza is currently the Chairman of the British Photovoltaic Association, Director of International Renewable Energy Certification Organisation (IRECO) and Chief Executive Officer of the National Energy Card.

Inclusive Development

"Zeitgeist, Appropriate Technology, and STI case"
Prof. CHANG, Soo-young
Soo Y. Chang is a professor of Industrial and Management Engineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). He received his Ph.D. in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan. His primary academic interest lies in the area of optimization theory and its industrial applications. He is one of the founding members of the Christian Forum in Science and Technology (CFSE), Sharing and Technology Incorporated (STI) and Scientists and Engineers Without Borders (SEWB). He is one of the contributing authors of the book “Appropriate Technology: science and technology at 36.5 degree Celsius”, published in 2011. He participated in organizing several local and international meetings and is currently involved in multiple projects for the promotion of appropriate technology and its practices under public as well as private initiatives.
"Innovation in the developing world: challenges and opportunities"
Raundi Halvorson-Quevedo is a senior advisor to the OECD’s Development Co-operation Directorate, which supports the analytical and policy work of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC). Ms. Halvorson-Quevedo has worked on development issues for more than 30 years, specialising in private sector development (including business management, financing and technology transfer), financial sector development, and strategic approaches for reducing poverty. She is currently working on inclusive innovation and development finance issues. Prior to joining the OECD, Ms. Halvorson-Quevedo worked at the World Bank on industrial and financial sector development in Latin America and Africa. Ms. Halvorson-Quevedo carried out a joint course of study at the masters level at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the Harvard Business School.
"STI and Appropriate Technology for Inclusive Development: Korean Experiences and Implications"
Dr. LEE, Woo-sung
Dr. Woosung Lee is currently working as a research fellow in Center for Innovation Policy, STEPI (Science and Technology Policy Institute), which is a Korean government-affiliated research institute. Mostly researching in the fields of Technology Economics, Innovation systems and STI policies, Dr. Lee has joined STEPI since 2005, with the several years of experiences in private sector such as LG Economic Research Institute and SK Research Institute. Dr. Lee also serves as an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Management of Technology, Korea University of Technology since 2008. Dr. Lee had quite amount of research experiences in STI policy development with Korean governments, also international co-researches with OECD TIP and NESTI group, APEC SME innovation center. Recently, Dr. Lee is heading the project of Korean STI ODA plan for inclusive development.

Materials Science Technology

" Key note Speech - Sessions in Material Science and Technology "
Prof. KIM, Jong min
Professor, University of Oxford
" Key note Speech - Sessions in Material Science and Technology"
Prof. SILVA, Ravi
Director of Advanced Technology Inst, Head of Nanoelectrnics Center, University of Surrey

Mechanics & Aerospace

"Present Status and Development Prospect of Aircraft Industry in South Korea"
Prof. KONG, Changduk
Chosun University Korea
Prof. Kong is graduated of Korea Aerospace University(National), Aerospace Engineering (BSc. 1974), Osaka Prefecture University, Aerospace Engineering (PhD. 2001). He is Professor of Dept. of Aerospace Engineering of Chosun University (1994-present), Ex-Dean of Facility Management Office-Chosun University(2011-2012). He has contributed greatly in the Korean Aerospace Engineering Development as President of SASE(The Society for Aerospace System Engineering)(2013-2014), President of ICRC-Chosun University(2012-present), Former President of KSAS(The Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences)(2010), Former President of KSPE(The Korean Society of Propulsion Engineers)(2007-2008), Ex-Chair of Cycle Innovation-IGTI-ASME(2009-2011), Former President of RIME-Chosun University(2006-2008), Former Head of Aero-Propulsion Division of ADD(Agency for Defense Development)(1988-1994), Visiting Professor of Imperial College(2011-2012), Editorial Board members of IJTJ, IJCM, AEAT (2001-present), and Editors of JKSAS, JKSPE, IJASS (2006-2010). He received Korean National Decoration in the field of the Sciences for his scientific achievement and contribution to the Korean aerospace development.
"Keynote speech"
Prof. ZHAO, Hua
Brunel University, UK
Head, Mechanical Engineering Subject Area Chairman, School Safety Committee Director, Centre for Advanced Powertrain and Fuels (CAPF) Recipient of 1997 Caleb Brett Award by the Institute of Energy for the best paper published on fuels or lubricants, 1998. Recipient of 1998 Safety Award by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for the best paper published on the safey aspect of mechanical engineering, 1999. Recipient of the 2004 PE Publishing Award by the Professional Engineering Publishing for the best paper published at the International Journal of Engines Research, 2005. SAE Certificate for Excellence in Oral Presentation at SAE 2005 Internaltional Congress.
"Keynote speech"
Dr. CHOI, Tae-in,
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
Dr. Tae-In Choi was inaugurated as the 15th president of Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials as of November 10, 2011. Dr. Choi earned his undergraduate degree in applied physics from Seoul National University in 1974, his doctorate degree in electrical engineering from University of Florida in 1984. He had held the vice-presidential office at Agency for Defense Development (2005- 2010). Awards Dr. Choi has received include the Order of Korea ‘Cheonsujang’ (2007), Commendation from the President of Korea (2002).

Science Art & Architecture

"International Construction Market"
Prof. FLANAGAN, Roger
University of Reading
Professor of Construction Management, School of Construction Management and Engineering, Engineering, University of Reading Visiting Professor: Tsinghua University, Beijing; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru; University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden Guest Professor, Chongqing University, China; Tianjin University, China Past President of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) 2007 Previously Non-Executive Director of companies in the UK and overseas, including Skanska AB (parent company of the Skanska Group world wide) and the Halcrow Group. Areas of Interest: international construction, whole life appraisal, risk management, cost management and new technologies for the construction sector.
"UK Off-site Construction"
Mr. OGDEN, Richard
MBE, Chairman, Buildoffsite
Richard has had a long and distinguished career in the construction sector, particularly working with clients and developers including British Rail, British Transport Hotels, McDonald’s Restaurants UK Ltd and McDonald’s Europe Ltd., etc. Richard was Chairman of European Construction Team and Member of European Development Board as well as Director of Advanced Building Systems (USA) and was recognised with the International Award of Excellence in 1990 and the Poucher Award in 1994. He was a founder member of the Construction Round Table and member of the Movement for Innovation (M4I). Awarded the MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2010.
"Game and Culture"
Mr. SIMONS, Iain
Director of the GameCity festival at Nottingham Trent University
Iain Simons directs the GameCity festival at Nottingham Trent University, which he founded in 2006. He speaks and writes about videogames and cultural technologies for a wide variety of audiences and is currently working on a new book for the BFI with James Newman. In 2008 he co-founded the National Videogame Archive of the UK. These days, he's mostly interested in public engagement with technology - specifically what happens when videogame culture meets everybody else. He lives in Nottingham with his wife, son, dog and several amazingly powerful computers.




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