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EKC2013 Program Structure


Biological Sciences

We aim to maximise the great opportunity that EKC2013 can offer for the Korean scientists working in the field of biological sciences in Europe. Our goal is to strengthen the global networks of Korean biologists and promote the world-class research through international cooperation in the areas of biological sciences, medicine and biotechnology. We will also focus on the enhancement of national competitiveness by improving research communication and development of joint research projects between Korea and Europe.

The sessions will be organised in 3 categories:

  • 1) Bio-medical Sciences
  • 2) Biotechnology and Bioengineering
  • 3) Plant sciences and Therapeutics


Each session will be chaired by senior researchers who are active and respected in the field. Prominent researchers working on a variety of topics from new emerging fields have been invited as speakers.


Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment subject group has been lasted for years via the EKC aiming at the development of technological collaboration between Europe and Korea. Reflecting the rapid change in global energy and environmental issues, the group has facilitated open innovation between Europe and Korea. In the talk sessions, delegates will discuss the main issues, core trends and collaboration opportunities in the field of energy and the environment with experts and key persons from diverse sectors including industry, government, local authorities, research organisations and academia. In the poster session and exhibition, delegates can find collaboration partners by understanding each participant’s expertise, their research topics and main activities of participating organisations. Through these events, EKC2013 offers delegates a valuable opportunity to create a new network for open innovation.

Following sessions are focused on in the Environment and Energy at EKC2013.

  • 1) Energy Policy Forum
  • 2) Environment Policy Forum
  • 3) Ocean and Climate Change
  • 4) Eco-city
  • 5) Ocean and Wind Energy
  • 6) Photovoltaic
  • 7) Bioenergy


Information & Communication Technology

Information and communication technology (ICT) in Europe is critical to improve the competitiveness of EU industry as well as to ensure its global leadership in the future developments of these technologies. Due to significantly increasing demands for information technologies in the society and economy, Korea is making lots of investments to collaborate with Europe in ICT area. To that end, this session aims to invite Korean and European ICT experts for exchanging their viewpoints on the next generation ICT and thus to identify and develop opportunities of collaborations on the Korea and Europe ICT research and development activities.

The sessions will be organised in 4 categories:

  • 1) Internet of Things
  • 2) Computing and SW engineering
  • 3) 4G+ wireless Technology
  • 4) Digital and ICT Convergence


Materials Science Technology

The Display Industry in Korea has driven domestic and international market. Recently, Chinese Display market has become important and the competition with Chinese competitor more and more hard competitor and the height of the technical barrier is become low. The development of the core material is essential to keep high competiveness and the cooperation with the Europe researches which are leaders in material field is very necessary.

Sessions will be in 5 categories:

  • 1) Membrane
  • 2) Flexible Display
  • 3) SiC Materials
  • 4) Battery Materials
  • 5) Materials Short Presentation


Mechanics & Aerospace

Mechatronics and Aerospace (MnA) group represents both field of academic and industrial engineering. Typical relevant engineering might be mechanical, aeronautical/aerospace, automotive engineering and so on. In order to meet world leading or international technology demand, this group provides excellent opportunities to have global network and introduction of latest technology trend. EKC2013 held by KSEAUK(Korean Scientists and Engineers Association UK) will give a chance to meet all the members of MnA and share the global network in the UK and also in entire Europe.

Providing sessions are summarised by

  • 1) Aero space
  • 2) Mechanical Engineering
  • 3) Automotive Engineering
  • 4) Green Session


Science Art & Architecture

Sci-Art & Architecture Group brings together art and scientific/engineering perspectives on improving the built environment and responding to fast-growing interest in interdisciplinary art and architectural practice. This pioneering group mainly represents both 'Sci-Art' which investigates the creative and innovative relationships between art and art and science and 'Architecture' which embraces planning, designing, construction and management. In EKC 2013, we aim not only to provide the best opportunity for sharing your diverse interests art, design, architecture, construction and project management to broach your networks, but also to enhance your academic and professional knowledge of relevant areas

The sessions will be organised in 3 categories:

  • 1) Network with People
  • 2) Present & Future of Built Environment
  • 3) Science Art


Inclusive Development

In the current neo-capitalism era, the gap between the rich region and the poorer ones on the globe is getting bigger. This has induced or created relatively abandoned or excluded regions in the world. Such unbalanced wealth distribution increases the regional tensions, from which several regions become politically and economically unstable and may trigger, at any moment, local conflicts or regional war. The resulting impacts would include (1) increased fears of terrorism, (2) illegal immigrations, and (3) the hike of the security expenses in the rest of the world. In this circumstances, ironically, up to 90% of the highly qualified scientists and engineers in the world are working on the new high tech product development, which only 10% of the world population may afford. However, there are increased awareness among several groups of scientists and engineers, who participate in projects to bring up the innovations for the excluded part of the world using appropriate technologies. EKC would like to be a forum to testify such development and to further promote the same message that by sharing same objectives and experiences, the resulting innovative technology could be easily digested and used to improve local economy in the regions of need, who will then contribute back to the peaceful world and to the sustainable growth of everyone. This session aims to share the current situation of the world efforts in the inclusive development area, in terms of the policy and strategy evolutions and to promote the scientific and technological assistance for further projects in the same field, in order to achieve the innovation for the inclusive development of all regions in the world.

There is one session:

  • 1) Innovation for the Inclusive Development of the World





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