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Ji Eun and Sung Min have been performing together since 2002 in Korea and since 2005 in Europe after they settled in the UK. Their team name 'KAYA' derives from the instrument 'kayagum'. They've performed for various diplomatic, corporate, cultural, educational and charity event in the UK and Europe. They were often invited to perform to represent Korea and Asia, and also stand for a harmony between the East and the West. They released their first two CDs with their own compositions, 'Bridge' and 'Korean Breeze' in 2010 in the UK. Their repertoire includes not only Korean traditional pieces and their own compositions but also various modern and Western pieces such as classical, film and pop music. 

[ Performance ]
- Chelsea & Westminster hospital concert
- Performance for Singapore UK Association Chinese New Year Celebration 2013
- HCI Korean Night Concert at Concorde La Fayette in France Paris
- Kayagum playing with Thames Philharmonia Orchestra at Landmark Art centre

- IRPA Korean Night Concert in Glasgow 
- Gatwick Airport ‘Korean airline promotion concert’ 
- Heathrow Airport Concert (Jun)
- The World Magic Convention ‘Korean night’ concert in Blackpool
- Gatwick airport concert 
- 2012 FIP World Congress ‘Korean night’ concert at Wyndham Apollo Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- Gastech 2014 Korea launch ‘Korean Night’ event at the Indigo 2 at O2 
- ‘Kaya’ Concert at the Barn Theatre 

- Addington palace golf club ‘Korean night’ 
- Hampton Court palace golf club concert 
- Korea Tourism Supporters Evening 
- Kaya Concert ‘bridge’ at Korean cultural centre 
- The world travel exhibition event performance at London Excel 
- Koean War Veterans Annual Meeting, Reading 

- Pacific Asia centre opening concert 
- St Vincent nursing home concert 
- Korean Night Concert at Willington School in Wimbledon 
- Royal London Hospital Concert 
- New Malden Festival 
- Taste the East festival concert at Potters Fields Park 
- Kingston River Festival at Eagle Brewery Wharf - Kingston Riverside
- Chelsea and Westminster hospital Concert 

and many years...


1. Sanjo – Kayagum solo (3.30min)
Sanjo, Korean representative music for solo instruments, was developed in the 19th century. It is thought to have been developed from shinawi, a form of improvisation played in shamanistic ceremonies in Jeolla Province, in the south western part of the Korean peninsula. Originally, Sanjo was improvised music but now the forms are set. It has five movements which increase in tempo Chinyangjo, Chungmori, Chungjungmori, Chajinmori and Hwimori. 

2. Amazing Grace - Kayagum solo (2min)
‘Amazing grace’ is a hymn written by English poet and clergyman ‘John Newton’ (1725-1807). It is one of the most recognizable songs in the world. Ji Eun Jung tries to arrange the song to fit 25 strings Kayagum. 

3. Let it be – Guitar & Kayagum (3.30min)

4. Heart for the people -Guitar & Kayagum (3.30min)
This is Ji Eun's own composition. As is well known, her home country Korea has been divided into North and South for more than 50 years. In the face of such geographical and ideological division, she believes the most important thing is to continue to love the people who are suffering. 

5. Shepherd of my soul - Guitar & Kayagum (3min)

6. Dokdo- Guitar & Kayagum (4min)
Sung Min's composition 'Dokdo' was inspired by Dokdo, the island of the Korean coast in the East Sea. It literally means 'Solitary Island' in Korean. It’s a small but beautiful island. Also Dokdo is special and means a lot to Koreans. It's in every Korean's heart.

7. New Arirang - Guitar & Kayagum (4min)
'Arirang', is the most representative Korean traditional folk song. 'Arirang' is an ancient native Korean word. 'Ari' means 'beautiful' and 'rang' can mean 'dear'. Ji Eun arranged 'Arirang' into a modern style.



Date: 25/07/2013(21:00-21:30)
Artists: Dr. Seonghee Kim, Iain Simons and Prof. James Newman

When you sit down for dinner, you will find an envelope. DO NOT OPEN IT. 
Professor Kim will give you instructions when the time is right.

ModernPlaying is an accessible, collaborative performance that operates at the intersection of science and art, participation and spectatorship, light and sound. This event joins together the entire conference delegation of EKC2013 in a collaborative performance of music, visuals and gameplay.




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